Comforting Hearts with Handcrafted Love

Words & Warmth provides warm, handcrafted items to children and families in urgent need. Every blanket, scarf, stuffed animal, or hat is homemade and brand new - a rare kindness that provides dignity to those who desperately need to feel loved. Each item is tagged with an inspirational message to lift the spirits of recipients.

Volunteers include individuals, Girl Scout troops, church groups, school groups, corporate teams and others. Words & Warmth donations exceed 1,000 items since our founding in 2013. These creations have enhanced the programs of seven nonprofits serving foster children, the homeless, and people in financial crisis from New York to North Carolina. 


Ashley Nieves,
Alexander Youth Network - Charlotte, NC

"Volunteers need to know what an impact these blankets make. Kids often come to us with no belongings. They may be trauma victims, coming out of foster care, or hospitalization. Giving a child something tangible, cozy, and new in their greatest moment of need provides immediate comfort, and inspires hope."


Debbie Wood,
Crafter & Seamstress - Cary, NC

"I love to sew and create.
Words & Warmth has inspired me and given me an outlet for my crafting skills. Kathy is very good about sharing pictures or stories about where the items I've made have gone. It means a lot to me to know my creations are impacting real people in need, right here in my community."


Mary Szabat,
Regional Leader - Buffalo, NY

"Spreading the word inspires action. If we all tell one person in our lives about the mission of Words & Warmth, think about the volume of new support we could gain for those in need within our own communities! One invitation to help could go viral.
In no time, we could move mountains together."

2018 Handcrafted Donation Goals...

An update from our founder, Kathryn Karlic

In January, Words & Warmth set the ambitious 2018 goal of collecting 500 handcrafted donations before year end. As of August 1st, we are more than 40% of the way there, thanks to the support we have received from our volunteers.

Distribution to our main outreach locations in New York and
North Carolina has already begun,
so the shelves will be stocked at our donation centers when the first cold breeze blow, this fall.

Please join our mission to comfort the hearts and warm the bodies of those in need
within our local community this year. We need 200 more fleece-tied blankets, and as many knitted treasures as we can get our hands on in order to reach our 2018 goal.

Donating handmade creations to Words & Warmth is EASY.
You choose what you'd like to create, when, and where you'd like to do it.