2018 Handcrafted Donation Goals

I'm so excited to share with you just how far we've already come this year in meeting our annual goal for handcrafted donations. As of this post, we are 50% of the way to reaching the ambitious number of 500 handmade donations before year end 2018!

The remaining summer months are the perfect time of year to craft - especially if you've had just about enough of the heat and feel more comfortable indoors with your A/C on!

We are collecting warm, handcrafted items now so the shelves of our seven agencies in Buffalo, NY, Charlotte, NC, and Cary, NC will be prepared when the first cold breezes blow, this fall.

Please consider helping us exceed our annual goal of handcrafted donations for 2018. We need 200 more blankets, and whatever warm, knitted treasures we can get our hands on. One of our knitting volunteers already has 50 scarves ready and waiting for those colder months!

Remember just how EASY it is to donate your creations to Words & Warmth. You choose what you'd like to CREATE, when, and where you'd like to do it. Many of our volunteers find solace in working from the comfort of their own homes.

It's amazing how word of mouth continues to spread our story like wildfire each year! Artsy souls seem to find one another and stick together! Please tell your creative family members, crafty friends, knitting club, book club, or church group how much children and families in our local community could benefit from the love they channel into making their handmade items.

Remember to share our story with work colleagues and employers as well.
We would love to see more corporate teams select Words & Warmth for their community service project this year. Creating warmth for those less fortunate is a team building event that will touch the hearts of participants as much as it will recipients.

Creating fleece blankets is a simple activity anyone can do. There is no sewing involved. If you can tie your shoes, you can make a blanket!

Please join our mission to comfort the hearts and warm the bodies of those in need within our local community this winter. Decide what you'd like to create, and how you'd like to connect with one of our three regional outreach leaders to donate your creations.

Kathryn Karlic, Words & Warmth Founder

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